Hashtag Dadlife is written by a bunch of guys in their 30s who have recently made that transition to family life, or are on the way soon. We are not pulitzer winning authors, and there will probably be grammar issues. (This is also not Barstool Sports so you can expect complete sentences) The main topics will be Food/Music/Fashion/Dadlife, but I imagine there will be stuff that crosses all or none of those areas.

Do we really need a blog about Dad life? Probably not. But most of the blogs about Dad life you find are all about ‘Dad Hacks’ and dealing with your partner, etc. This blog is about your life, and then being a dad. (With some fun hacky-shit along the way)

One of the benefits of this blog, in my opinion, is that we use a multi-contributor model. That means a lot of people write for #Dadlife, which offers a number of different perspectives. If you feel like you have something to offer, or have a story that MUST be told, reach out via the contact form. We are always looking for new content and new points of view.


The Story

Oh, and last but not least! Why is this called Hashtag Dadlife? Well, it started at my bachelor party. Yes – my bachelor party was a running joke about being too old to be at a bachelor party. On the first night, one of my groomsmen came out to play beerpong wearing a fanny pack. I assume it was in jest, as it was a 1980s USA themed fanny pack, but nonetheless it was the official uniform of that beerpong match. One of the balls flew off the table and landed in a bush. My buddy put the flashlight on his phone and started digging, bent over in the bush. When he stood up, he gave a huge groan as though he pulled every disc in his back. This was a Thursday night, in the summer, while we were 28 years old, and the entire scene gave vibes of a retirement home. From that point on, Hashtag Dadlife was a thing, and through this, it continues to be. Thanks for reading.