Just When You Thought It Was Spring

March came in exactly like it does in my nightmares. The first is almost always a nice ass day. “It’a warm out,” I think. “Maybe I’ll go for a run outside since Spring is clearly on the way.” WRONG. Two days later we get hit with a Nor’easter and then 5 days later another. March sucks. It wants you to think Spring, but then smacks you in the face with Winter. March is a harsh bitch.

Anyway, after the run I was feeling pretty good with my Springtime style. Not quite out of Winter yet, but also no need for layers.


Shirt – J. Crew

Pants – J. Crew

Watch – Tag Heuer

Socks – J. Crew

Shoes – Adidas Superstars

Belt – J. Crew

Also, full disclosure: ALL of my grid’s won’t be J. Crew, but a lot will be. I’ll try my best to mix it up going forward.